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Staff Stories

Lark Hill Housekeeper Julia is celebrating ten years in her role. Julia discusses the key to her long service, and why Lark Hill Village remains close to her heart.

Julia - Housekeeper

Lark Hill Village

Former Art Director at Solihull Society of Arts Nick Worley discusses his new art course at ExtraCare’s Solihull Village and what volunteering means to him. 

Nick Worley - Art Instructor

Solihull Village

Aran Duggan Head of Property & Environment at charitable trust, ExtraCare, answers a Q&A about how the charity is focussing on sustainability.

Aran Duggan

Hardev Thandy is Head of Growth and Construction for ExtraCare. Here he discusses the changes in the development process over ExtraCare’s 35 years, his greatest successes, and how he sees the future of development within the charity.

Hardev Thandy

In honour of Volunteers’ Week, we sat down with our Charity Volunteers Lead; Chrissie Morris, to discuss the importance of volunteering, on both a personal level and for charities as a whole.

Chrissie Morris

It’s a big team effort at ExtraCare. There are three Housing Officers including myself. I love what we do. I love going around the Schemes and Villages and meeting the local staff. I think most of the time the local staff don’t realise what a good job they do. I think sometimes they need to be reminded of that.

Maria Cutting

I love what ExtraCare does and fully endorse its philosophy. Over the years I have heard so many life changing stories from our residents and feel privileged being part of a forward thinking charity. I have also been very lucky to have worked with such a great bunch of supportive people at Head Office.

Kathy Neeson

Working for ExtraCare feels like you are part of something bigger. It feels like we are all a big family. For anyone considering applying for a role at ExtraCare, you are making the right choice.

Juliana Rossi

St Oswald's Village

As Operations Support Manager, I am responsible for the delivery of the annual business plan and wider Corporate Plan in respect of the Targets and Commitments.

Chris Ridge

Head Office, Coventry

"I am a mind-body expert. I teach slow, mindful accessible yoga, breathing practices, and meditation that helps my students learn techniques to support life’s challenges."

Susan Prosser

Solihull Village

"If residents feel they could benefit from having contact with the students while they are present on site, have a chat with the Wellbeing Advisor who can help put you in touch with them, or alternatively feel free to approach them while they are around the village."

Laura Ellery

"I’m doing my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh at school and my dad mentioned that ExtraCare were looking for volunteers to help at Solihull, so that seemed ideal."


Solihull Village