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Resident Stories

I was a teacher and am a qualified life coach – I do training, mentoring and empowerment sessions at Pannel Croft. I empower people to move them from where they are, to where they wish to be.

Val Benjamin

Pannel Croft Village

They asked if we’d like to live here, and we said we’d love to. We love our apartment, we had two houses before but they were so much work, this is so much more manageable."

Harold & Mary Hewitt

Earlsdon Park Village

Every Friday night we meet at one of our apartments and toast to friendship. We then enjoy a G&T and fish and chip Friday night and come here to enjoy the Piazza. We absolutely love it!

The Meaning of Friendship

Shenley Wood Village

I used to be a warden for the elderly for over 20 years so you could say I am a people person. For my 80th birthday the village threw me a party, I could not believe it, 80 to 90 residents ended up showing up for me. There were even daffodil bulbs at my party for everyone.

Megan Betteridge

Longbridge Village

The people here are lovely, and we feel safe. That’s a big thing to feel safe. We have made lots of friends. I love it here, I’m content.

Pam & Rob Randle

Solihull Village

The first night I moved in here I slept right through. I am happy here.

Cynthia Seddon

Reeve Court Village

If I’m lonely I can go down to the coffee shop and I can go to the library. There are people around all the time.

Marie McCauley

Earlsdon Park Village

I can’t tell you the support the residents give to each other, I have some very close friends here.

Jean Humphreys

New Oscott Village

Margery says she would like to say ‘thank you’ to ExtraCare. ‘They have definitely given me my life back,’ she says. ‘They have given me something to look forward to. I feel alive again.

Margery Crampton

Bournville Gardens

I hope the people who come here will be as happy as we’ve been,’ she says. ‘When we closed the door we went to Bournville Gardens and I will not look back. It’s a new home with new beginnings.

Maureen & Michael Rickards

Bournville Gardens

The ethos of the whole place is caring,' she says. 'It's what it's all about. That's why it's called ExtraCare

Pam Rossiter

Humber Court

We have wonderful staff here and some lovely tenants who want to get involved. Pannel Croft is going to be one of the best retirement villages in the country.

Rosita Codrington

Pannel Croft Village