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#NationalTechnologyDay: Importance of adapting to new technology

Technology. Love it or loathe it, it’s here to stay and can transform our lives!

For most youngsters it’s hard to ever imagine life before everything became digital, but for much of the older generation all this advanced modern-day tech is still alien territory.

But, as it’s #NationalTechnologyDay we’re going to look at the importance of adapting to new technology. (Now more than ever!)


The COVID effect

One way or another, pretty much every person on the planet (crazy!) has been impacted by the COVID-19. Whether you’ve been poorly yourself, or if you’ve had to isolate due to living with somebody that has it, or in the worst-case scenario for many, lost a loved one.

A lot of negativity has come from the pandemic, but one generation in particular, the over 65’s, would say one positive from the pandemic is that it’s forced them to adapt to technology. It has shown the great importance of being able to use technology, with many having to rely on using the internet for the very first time during lockdowns for things such as doing the weekly shop online, and keeping in contact with relatives.


Introducing technology into our villages

Everything changes so quickly within the digital world (literally by the hour or day!), it is no surprise that recent research by Post Office Broadband showed that 39% of over 65’s in the UK don’t feel confident using technology, such as a smartphone, meaning this tough time could well have been made even tougher without any knowledge surrounding the likes of WhatApp, FaceTime and Zoom.

However, we are a very innovative charity, and are always trying to embed new approaches and practices, and explore the vast benefits of technology, whilst helping our residents adapt along the way. We even went on to win the Outstanding Approach to Innovation award at the UK Housing Awards.

As part of a two-year partnership, Alex Sleat, Smart Technology Specialist, was recruited by the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) to join ExtraCare and help introduce technologies into our villages and test how they work.

In the below video, Alex tells us about some of the devices within Stoke Gifford’s Innovation Apartment and the benefits of the technology for our residents.

Innovation Across ExtraCare