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Hagley Road Village - Peter Thurstance

Peter Thurstance lives in a rented apartment at Hagley Road Village with his partner Margaret Close. The couple have been together for 34 years, and moving to the Village has improved Peter’s health.

He says: “I’ve got high blood pressure. I never knew that I had it, but before we moved to the Village I had an assessment with Faye, the Well-being Advisor.

“She asked all sorts of questions about my health and she made a sort of dossier about me. Then she checked my blood pressure, and found it was high. I hadn�t known that before.

“She phoned up my GP’s surgery and asked them to keep an eye on me. So they called me in for a check, and they tested me, it was sky high, so I had to go to hospital.

“They kept testing my blood pressure and blood, and it was ever so high – at one point it was 196 over something. They started to get it down, but it’s been quite slow. I had to keep going to continue to get it down. I have to keep going once a week.

“They’ve also found out that my salt level goes up and down. If it goes too low, I have to go to the hospital and be put on a drip for a few hours.

“I feel a lot better now – much better, and much calmer too.

“We wanted to move to the Village because of our health, and it really has helped us.

“Faye’s been as good as gold to me. She’s a good girl, she’s really helped.”

Picture: Peter with Margaret and their granddaughters, Leanne and Kayleigh.

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