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Earlsdon Park Village - Rebecca Davies

The memories come flooding back as great grandmother Rebecca Davies gazes out of the window of her eighth floor apartment at Earlsdon Park Retirement Village.

She can see the rooftops of Broomfield Road, where she strolled as a 15 year old, young and in love and on her way to see Bill whose family lived in one of the houses near the top.

A little further on she is looking at the blue roof of Mary Magdalen Church where his family went to church. She can recall the quiet Sundays they spent in his house, chatting over lunch, planning to go to the cinema or for a walk in the park.

And she can see Hearsall Common where later their five children used to play. The lads from the factories met there to play football and she remembers Bill going along to referee, taking the children with him while she stayed at home to get on with the housework.

This is why she chose her high rise apartment at Earlsdon Park Village; she feels that’s where she should be. ‘I thought it would be nice, going up in the air, and I like looking up to where Bill lived with his family,’ she says. ‘I had many happy hours there.’

Bill died in 2011, after they had been married for 56 years. The couple met just after she left school and started work in a factory in Coventry. ‘I had a lot of friends and when we got our pay packet we would catch the bus and go into the city to the milk bar,’ she says. ‘One day this young lad came in and I was introduced to him and that was it, Bill and I became a pair.’

Bill, who was three years older, was working in one of the factories too. They married when he finished his national service and for the first 18 months they lived with his family in Broomfield Road, until they could save enough to buy a house. ‘It was in the front room of the house in Broomfield Road that she had one of her children.

Now, decades later, 82 year old Rebecca is living alone in the four bedroomed semi-detached house where she has lived for the last 47 years.

Her family have long grown up and the house is just too big for her on her own. ‘I can’t cope with it,’ she says. ‘The house needs painting, it needs decorating. I like it to be spotless; I like it to be tidy. I love gardening, I can’t keep it as I used to. I used to do the gardening and Bill would do the clearing up. Now if I do the garden I have to tidy as well. It’s a big house and there’s only me rattling around. It needs a family in it.’

As soon as Rebecca heard about Earlsdon Park Retirement Village she put her name down straight away. ‘I was so excited,’ she recalls. She has sold her house and is moving into a two bedroomed apartment.

‘The apartment is just somewhere for me to sit and relax and go to bed,’ she says. ‘I want to get involved in the village. I’ve put my name down for all sorts of things.’

She is looking forward to going to the gym, to volunteering and joining the choir, and she has already met new friends. ‘I’m going to be on the stage, have a bit of fun’ she says.

‘If you do feel lonely you can just go downstairs and wander around. The gardens will be so wonderful. I will go into the greenhouse and have a little potter, I will love that.’

Rebecca loves Coventry and is looking forward to high rise living, and to her view up to Broomfield Road. She still misses Bill but she can see where they started their life together.

‘It’s a beautiful view, absolutely gorgeous,’ she says. ‘I just can’t wait.’

And what will she think as she looks out of her window?

‘I will just think how lucky I am to be able to do it,’ she says. ‘I’m one of the lucky ones. I have my health and my strength and the children. I just haven’t got my Bill. He would have loved it. I’m sure he’s on my shoulder watching what I’m doing.’

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