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Bournville Gardens - Bernice Marshall

Bernice Marshall was always busy, and her house was bustling. It’s the home where she brought up her five children and still found time to work full time.

But now, at 76, Bernice feels it is time to leave the three bedroom house where she has spent the last 41 years. It is too quiet for her at times and she feels lonely when she is on her own. Her husband George died three years ago after 52 years of marriage and her children have left home.

“I haven’t been used to quietness,” she says.

Bernice now has boxes waiting to be packed and is getting ready to move. “This will be a nice house for another family to grow up in,” she says. And she is planning to move to a new one bedroom apartment at Bournville Gardens in Birmingham.

Bernice, who has arthritis and uses a walking stick, is finding the garden is too much for her to manage now, and she is using just one of the three bedrooms. She wants to downsize to somewhere where she can ‘just chill out.’

At Bournville Gardens she knows she can receive care if she needs it. She is also looking forward to taking part in the activities, meeting new people and being able to go back to her own apartment when she feels like it to spend time looking at her family photographs.

“I’m looking forward to being happy at Bournville Gardens,” she says. “I’m looking forward to being friendly with the people there. I love to socialise. I hope that this will be my last home. I want to spend whatever is left of my life in comfort.”